Vis4Mechs at the National GMME-GMMT Forum 2019

The Vis4Mechs group, as usual, participated at the annual national meeting of electrical and electronics measurments and mechanical and thermal measurments, the GMEE-GMMT Forum which was held in Perugia this year.

The group presented the following works:

Validazione di algoritmi di calibrazione estrinseca basati su skeletonization del corpo umano – Presentation by Ing. Simone Pasinetti (GMMT)

Misura delle fasi del passo tramite algoritmi di Machine Learning durante camminate in esterna assistite da esoscheletro – Poster presentation

Ing. Simone Pasinetti had also the honor to present the work carried out in collaboration with the University of Trento, in loving memory of Alberto Fornaser:

Gait phase classification using the Sigma-Z Random Forest classifier – Presentation by Ing. Simone Pasinetti (joint session GMEE-GMMT)

Our joint Laboratory of Mechanical and Thermal Measurments also presented the following works:

Measurments in support of exoskeleton assisted walking: the EUROBENCH BULLET Project – Presentation by Prof. Matteo Lancini (GMMT)

Development of a measuring system for clay target shooting discipline – Presented by Ing. Massimiliano Micheli (GMMT)

A group photo of the leading Professors involved in the EUROBENCH/BULLET Project: Mariolino De Cecco (Trento), Matteo Lancini (Brescia) and Francesco Crenna (Genova)
The Social Dinner of this year was held at the famous restaurant "Posta del Donini"