UNIBS-UNITN Collaboration continues!

The collaboration between the Mechanical and Thermal Measurements group (MMT and Vis4Mechs) of the University of Brescia and the MiRo laboratory of the University of Trento continues.

The measurement experiments involving the various members of the two teams are aimed at evaluating, thanks to a precise protocol established in a previous publication, the reconstruction accuracy of consumer (Kinect v2 and Kinect Azure) and industrial (Basler) time-of-flight cameras, compared to the gold standard obtained with a Konica Minolta 3D scanner.

The experimental campaign includes several tests, which will be held for now separately in the two locations in compliance with the pandemic prevention regulations. A first meeting has already been held in the MiRo Laboratory of Trento, the only one that required the simultaneous presence of the various devices.

related publications

S. Pasinetti, M.M. Hassan, J. Eberhardt, M. Lancini, F. Docchio, G. Sansoni, “Performance analysis of the PMD Camboard Picoflexx time-of-flight camera for markerless motion capture applications“, in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 68 (11), 4456-4471