Ph. D. Thesis Presentation for “Dottorandi in Ateneo” UNIBS Event

The University of Brescia is an institution of Napoleonic origin established in 1802 that gathers, through a system of co-optation, a defined number of scholars and experts in artistic, literary and scientific disciplines. It carries out an intense activity of cultural and scientific promotion through conventions, conferences and publications.

These initiatives are primarily aimed at fostering mutual acquaintance among academics and the interchange between different disciplines, in the two classes in which the academy is organized: arts & literature and sciences. 

The class of sciences offers final year doctoral students in scientific disciplines the opportunity to present their research work, their experience and their expectations as scholars in training to the academics of the University, to their doctoral colleagues in other scientific fields and to the interested public.

In the following video you can see Cristina Nuzzi‘s presentation about her Ph. D. thesis work (Italian only). The event was also published in the Giornale di Brescia.