Welcome to VIS4MECHS!

The group is committed to applied research, development, testing, teaching and consulting in computer visionlasers, optics for mechatronics and biomechanics. 

The activity includes three-dimensional and two-dimensional vision for industrial robotics, on-line quality control, reverse engineering, non destructive testing, biomedical imaging, vision for cultural heritage documentation and forensics.

Our Vision

The group is one of the laboratories of the University of Brescia, lead by Prof. Giovanna Sansoni and previously known as Laboratory of Optoelectronics (Optolab). It is currently part of the Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering.

Since 1990 the group has produced an high number of technological advances to the field of 2D and 3D Vision and a vast number of start-ups and patents have seen light thanks to the group’s passionate work.

Our vision is to collaborate hand-in-hand with companies and other fellow researchers of other Universities and fields to create knowledge and new exciting and useful technologies advances. This concept is well placed under the University “Terza Missione” project.

(foto del lab)


Our staff is composed of a number of Professors, Researchers and Ph. D. Students, luckily supported in their activities by a skilled Laboratory Technician.

The two leading Professors are experts in the field of Electrical and Electronic Measurements, including lasers, optoelectronics, and vision systems. In particular, Prof. Giovanna Sansoni and Dr. Simone Pasinetti are the teachers of two master degree courses at the University of Brescia on the subjects of 2D and 3D Vision Systems.

The other researchers of the group are experts in the fields of industrial automation by means of different sensors, mechatronics and smart robotics, biomechanics and rehabilitation techniques and computer vision.

Our skilled Technician, Gabriele Coffetti, helps us in everyday activities such as designing, building and mounting set-ups both for the courses activities and for the research projects.

The group successfully completed a number of thesis projects with passionate students, and it is always involved in a number of exciting projects in collaboration with companies and other Universities.